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About The Business.

Detail Solutions, founded in 2014 was created for that exact reason - to be the solution to all your detail needs! We strive to go above and beyond on every job, pair this with our dedication to learn the latest and greatest detailing tools and chemicals all so we can meet our customers needs. We are Baltimore’s premier detailer, leading the way in ceramic coating installations since their inception. As our motto states ‘Passion for Perfection’ we’re truly not satisfied until you are!

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About The Owner.

Kurt Felmar found his passion for detailing in 2005, at which point he started detailing for his car club, friends and family learning the craft of paint correction and interior revitalizations. Kurt’s willingness to learn and dedication to the industry is what drove him to become one of the top detailers and ceramic coating installers in the Mid-Atlantic region.


Customer Testimonails

"Great service at a great price! Very happy with the results of the premium detail on my '13 Optima. I'll definitely be back!"

Ben Lapa
Customer Testimonails

"They did an amazing job on my 4runner. It hasn't been touched in 4 years and they brought the paint back to life. Looks fantastic!."

Anthony Greg
Customer Testimonails

"Love my ceramic coating,just had it in for my one year check up and the shine is still awesome"

Scott Fogle
Customer Testimonails

"Kurt and his team did an amazing job with my car. Kurt is a great guy and I'll be back to support him and the Detail Solutions team soon."

Nick Mazza
Customer Testimonails

"Been using Kurt for years. Detail solutions is top notch"

Syrous Karamian
Customer Testimonails

"Kurt and his team deliver an amazing product. Both of our vehicles look fantastic after receiving a ceramic coating. Highly recommended his services!"

Matt Branham
Customer Testimonails

"Kurt pays great attention to detail and did an immaculate job on my taco! I'll be back with the 4Runner opticoat it!"

Jeffrey Sanzone
Customer Testimonails

"Very professional and knowledgeable. Great prices and products."

Tj Lapinski
Customer Testimonails

"Never any corners cut here. Opti coat pro is great for protecting and restoring your vehicle to is true potential."

Enzo Julio
Customer Testimonails

"Great job bringing my 2005 Altima back to life, looks brand new!"

Rob Marie Betz
Customer Testimonails

"Took my Scion FRS to Kurt of the past weekend. Wow! Even on my nearly new car, I was surprised how clean it could look and how water could bead off of it. Even looks great after it rained! Thanks! Will come again!"

Bryan Colvin
Customer Testimonails

"Had them up to my house today to do my 2007 Sierra...the truck looks absolutely incredible! Highly recommended to anyone looking for a job well done!"

Jordan Mitchell
Customer Testimonails

"Did an excellent job restoring the paint on my 350z. The car is nearing 13 years old and still looks fantastic. Not perfect but what can you expect from a car that's actually driven and not a garage queen. Highly recommended. "

Tom Pham
Customer Testimonails

"Dropped my Evo IX off with Kurt last weekend for a Premium Detail. Not only did he do a great job with the detailing, but he also answered any questions that I had. Very knowledgeable about his products and services and he also provided updates throughout the day about the progress. Would definitely recommend B's Wax, LLC for all of your detailing needs."

Chris Tobin
Customer Testimonails

"Dropped my pickup off the night before Kurt worked his magic. It was done well before I thought, pricing extremely reasonable for the quality of service you receive. Made my 16 year old truck shine better than I've ever seen it."

Michael Gaunt
Customer Testimonails

"Top notch service. Kurt and Anthony got me in and out in what seemed like no time at all. I would recommend Detail Solutions to anyone who needs any part of their car cleaned."

Max Costa
Customer Testimonails

"Brought the paint back to life on the wife's 2007 Rav-4! Awesome job inside and out. The vehicle looks like new! We will definitely use Detail Solutions for all of our future detailing."

Frank Enko
Customer Testimonails

"Had a great, worry free experience here. Kurt took care of my car as if it were my own. Along with bringing my interior back to life, Kurt did an excellent job on removing all the swirls on the exterior of my 5-year-old black car to make it look like it just came off the showroom floor! Highly recommend Detail Solutions if you're looking to bring your car back to factory finish!"

Chris Sieradzan
Customer Testimonails

"My experience......it was not good, it was amazing! Ive been looking into the cquartz uk coating for my integra and decided to finally do paint correction and the cquartz uk. Anyone that knows me knows I don't trust anyone other then myself touching or working on my own car. But i knew kurt and saw the outcome of his work so I gave it a shot. I thought my cars paint condition was not to bad but I didn't realize how bad it actually was untill I saw the end result. It looks amazing. Got all the swirls out and with the cquartz uk applied the metallic in my paint really pops and the gloss level is off the freaking chart. I'm more then satisfied with the results. He took really good care of my car and worked hard on it and I can tell by the end result. Recommended to everyone! "

Stephen Krause
Customer Testimonails

"I dropped my car of with at B's Wax with Kurt knowing it would be in good hands. However I did not expect it would be as good as it really was. My 2006 RSX is cleaner now than it was when I bought it in 2010. Kurt kept me in the loop the entire time and worked around my time frame for drop off and pick up. Kurt went way beyond my expectations to say the least. From getting down and cleaning my suspension, to working his magic on some deep scratches that are now barely noticeable. I drove a little over an hour from Northern VA and will not hesitate to come back. I truly cannot express how grateful I am for the amazing work Kurt did and taking care of my car better than I have been able to. Highly recommend B's Wax, Kurt is a great person, as well as a great detailer and you will not be disappointed. "

Adrian Ferrufino